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If you, like us, LOVE the Burlington Coat Factory, then you have indeed come to the right place.


I am sure you know Burlington Coat Factory already. If not, then have a look at out ‘What is Burlington Coat Factory’ page. The great thing about this store is that you can pretty much anything you need, in terms of clothing, in one place. Whether it is  shirts, suits, , shoes or clothing accessories, then you can find it there. And at great prices!

But why not save a little more? These are dire economic times, after all.

Burlington Coat Factory coupons  can usually be found in newspapers or special magazines, and can be hard to find, befoe they actually expire. But here, we strive to give you the newest coupon codes, so that you won’t have to hunt for them. Th website is updated every 2 months, in order to keep it fresh. If you find a new code then, please at tit to the comment section.

Burlington Coat Factory coupons:

This code is valid as of November 2011: For 10% off any regularly priced item, please visit the Burlington Coat Factory website and enter the code: 101811114801266622

For more promotional codes, please see our page ‘Burlington Coat Factory Coupon Codes 2011′.

Please come back and check our site regularly, to make sure that you have a valid code. Bookmark this site. The discount codes tend to only be valid for a certain period. The Burlington chain is always updating its promotions. Please be sure to bookmark the site as well so that you can always check for the latest deals.



BURLINGTON COAT FACTORY COUPONS: The familiar sight of a Burlington Coat Factory store is a pleasant one. One of the reason why this chain of clothes shops is so popular, is that the inventory changes so quickly. You never now, what you might find.

What are the deals?

You can often find discount offerings of  10% for the Burlington Coat Factory stores. Also, for specific items, you may find coupons for up 50%  off of your purchases. This might for for a certain range within the store, for examples coupons for shoes only.

These a difficult financial times for anyone, and looking for online coupons is not not only thrifty, but also the smart thing to do right now. Why not take advantage of the ‘hidden’ deals that are available? You will kick yourself, if you clean out the Burlington Coat Factory store on saturday, only to find a 10% or 20 percent discount coupon on sunday..

So happy deal hunting! :)

Watch this for inspiration!

If you are new to coupons, then we advice you to watch this informational video below on the best tips for ‘extreme couponning’. You will enjoy it.

If you come across NEW working Burlington Coat Factory Coupons in the media, then don’t hesitate to share them here in the comment section. Sharing is Caring.



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